Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shark Attack

I do not know why this drink is called Shark Attack! It may be because I got the recipe from Guys Big Bite :) This drink serves two (as you can tell from the picture!), so I suggest making a lot more if you're making it for a crowd, or if you just want more for yourself! I skipped out on the fruit since I didn't have any in the house, but it really adds a lot to the drink.

2 cups ice cubes
1/4 cup lemon slices
1/4 cup pineapple chunks
1/4 cup tequila
1/4 cup Triple Sec
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup pineapple juice
1/4 cup rum
Splash grenadine
1/4 cup maraschino cherries

In a pitcher, add all the ingredients and stir to combine. Pour into rock glasses and serve.

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